Exam Proctoring Policy

As part of Stratford Library’s mission and in an effort to support continuing education, lifelong learning and as a public service, the library offers proctoring services to students who need to take exams. The Stratford Library is able to provide proctoring services under the following guidelines.

Only those tests which meet these guidelines will be proctored. The guidelines insure the integrity of the testing process and equitable treatment of all students. The Library reserves the right to limit or deny this service if the proctoring request does not meet these guidelines.

  1. The Head of Adult Services, or designee, will proctor print or online exams by appointment during the Library’s regular hours of operation. Exam proctoring is not available on Sundays.
  2. A minimum of one week’s notice is needed to allow for scheduling for proctoring the exam.
  3. Students are responsible for assuring that all necessary communication is made with the testing institution.
  4. Exams cancelled or postponed by the student may be rescheduled by making a new appointment with the Head of Adult Services, or designee.
  1. Exams and/or online login information must be sent directly from the testing institution to the Library.
  2. The Library shall not proctor exams that students bring in themselves, even if the exam is a sealed document.
  3. At the time of testing, the student must provide current photo ID that matches the name on the testing materials.
  4. The Proctor will not monitor a student continuously during an exam, but may check on the student periodically The Library cannot guarantee a quiet testing space or constant direct supervision.
  5. The Proctor will adhere to time limits that are placed on the exam.
  6. The Proctor cannot explain exam questions or provide any guidance to the student during the exam.
  7. The Proctor can only sign a proctoring verification form that accurately reflects what the Proctor has been able to do.
Hardware Requirements for Students Taking Exams on Computers
  1. Computer based tests must be compatible with the hardware and software available on the Library computers.
  2. Online exams shall not require the modification of Library hardware, software or security systems
  3. Students may use their own laptops to take their exams if the Library has received priorapproval directly from the testing institution.
  4. The Library cannot guarantee that technical problems will not occur when using the library’s network.
  1. Proctoring services are free for Stratford residents. A fee of $10 per exam will be charged to non- residents. The fee will be paid prior to starting the exam. If the exam is not completed due to technical issues, the fee will be refunded.
  2. All expenses related to the proctoring of examinations, such as packaging and/or postage for the return of print examinations, shall be paid by the student or the testing institution in advance of such exam.
  1. Print exams will be returned by US mail or courier delivery service if prepaid packaging has been provided by the student or testing institution.
  2. If requested by the testing institution, the library will scan and email the completed exam and send as an attachment to an email address provided by the testing institution.
  3. If requested by the testing institution, the library will fax the completed exam to a fax number provided by the testing institution.
  4. The library is not responsible for test materials left longer than 30 days after a scheduled test appointment, at which point they will be returned to the testing institution (if prepaid packaging has been provided) or shredded otherwise. Password and login information for online exams will be discarded.
  5. The Stratford Library shall not be responsible for any delayed delivery of exams, nor for any completed exams once they leave the Library’s possession.
  6. All files generated during the proctoring process (e g registration forms) will be deleted or destroyed two weeks after the exam date. No records will be retained.
  7. The Library shall not be responsible for tests interrupted by emergencies, power failures, and/or computer hardware or software failures, or any other reason beyond control of the Library.


Approved by Stratford Library Board on July 21, 2016 Reviewed 6/17

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