DIY Storytime – Underpants

Enjoy this DIY Storytime on the theme of Underpants whenever is convenient for your family.


book underwearUnderwear
• Written and illustrated by Jennifer Harney
• Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers
• Presented by Simicrane
A cute rhyming story about a young bear who has some creative ideas for wearing underwear.
Everyone loves Captain Underpants! Here is a simple craft from DIY for Moms:

book big girl pantiesBig Girl Panties
• Written by Fran Manushkin
• Illustrated by Valeria Petrone
• Published by Robin Corey Books
• Presented by Joshy’s Storytime
A little girl celebrates her undies.
Here is an Underwear Matching Games for kids to play.

book pirates love underpantsPirates Loves Underpants
• Written by Claire Freedman
• Illustrated by Ben Cort
• Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
• Presented by Books Alive
A crew of pirates look for an underwear-shaped trophy called “the fabled Pants Of Gold.”
Scholastic Book Clubs has some printables for this fun book:


Captain Underpants Movie Theme Song by Weird Al Yankovic

The Pants Song by Giles Andreae and sung by adrienneroke

Underwear Is Fun to Wear by Heather Ann


My Fancy Underpants by Martha Simpson
(tune: I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee)

I’m looking for my fancy underpants (pretend to look all around)
They are somewhere hiding in my drawer
I’m looking for my fancy underpants (pretend to find them and hold them up)
I can find them by myself.

I’m putting on my fancy underpants (pretend to step into underpants)
Won’t my mommy be so proud of me?
I’m putting on my fancy underpants (pull them up)
I can do it by myself.

I like to wear my fancy underpants (strut around like a model)
No more diapers, I’m a big kid now
I like to wear my fancy underpants (strike a pose and bow)
I can get dressed by myself.

Ten Pairs of Underwear by Martha Simpson

Ten pairs of underwear hanging on the line
Bev’s bloomers blew away, then there were nine.
Nine pairs of underwear, one belongs to Kevin
His took down his underpants, now there are seven.
Seven pairs of underwear, one has puppy pix
Chelsea claimed her poodle panties, now there are six.
Six pairs of undies wait for owners to arrive
Ben’s briefs went in his bag, now there are five.
Five pairs of underwear, bought at the store
Nana’s knickers came off next, now there are four.
Four pairs of underwear that I can see
Grandad grabbed his long johns, now there are three.
Three pairs of underwear, one has stripes of blue
Derek’s drawers are dry now, and so there are two.
Two pair of underwear drying in the sun
Fran folded the boxers, now there is one.
One pair of underpants left on the line
I took down those shorty-shorts because they are mine.

Undies Everyday by Martha Simpson

Monday’s undies are such fun
They are so comfy when I run. (run in place)
Tuesday’s undies are so snug
They feel just like a friendly hug. (hug yourself)
Wednesday’s undies – so grown up
They stretch with me when I jump up. (jump)
Thursday’s undies are good clothes
When I stand on tippy-toes. (stand on toes)
Friday’s undies near my skin
They make me happy when I spin. (spin around)
Saturday’s undies fit just right
To wear outside and fly a kite. (pretend to hold a kite string)
Sunday’s undies are so fine
When I’m sitting down to dine. (sit down)
I wear undies everyday
When I’m at home and I’m away. (wave goodbye)
I wear undies when I sleep
They’re cozy when I’m counting sheep. (lay down like you’re going to sleep)

Matching Underwear Game


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