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  • Kids Books You May Have Missed – Science Fiction or Time Travel

    new books you may have missed logoNEW BOOKS ABOUT SCIENCE FICTION

    Kids trying to fix the universe!
    Aliens and evil scientists…
    Travel back and forth through time…
    Technology gone haywire!
    All these far-out adventures and more are waiting for you on our shelves.

    Come to the Stratford Library Children’s Department and check out a new book about SCIENCE FICTION OR TIME TRAVEL you may have missed!

    book battleThe Battle by Karuna Riazi (J Riazi)
    Ahmad and his classmate Winnie must overcome the Mastermind and the Architect in this virtual game that froze time in NYC.

    Blasting Through the Solar System! by John Himmelman (Bridge Book J Himmelman)
    Professor Albert Hopper, frog and Science Hero, travels with his niece Polly and nephew Tad throughout the solar system, exploring the sun, asteroids and comets, and the planets.

    A Dreidel in Time: A New Spin on an Old Tale by Marcia Berneger (JPB Berneger)
    A brother and sister receive a strange Hanukkah gift and family heirloom–a magic dreidel that take them back in time to learn about the true meaning of Hanukkah.

    Emily Windsnap and the Tides of Time by Liz Kessler (J Kessler)
    When Emily makes a wish on a magic stone, she gets a glimpse of what the future holds — and it’s a disaster!

    book finn and the time traveling pajamasFinn and the Time-Traveling Pajamas by Michael Buckley (J Buckley)
    After sixty years of trying to stop Paradox and set the universe right again, Finn time-travels to get help from his nine-year-old self.

    Jinxed by Amy McCulloch (J McCulloch)
    After Lacey Chu repairs a highly advanced smartphone/robotic pet companion, or baku, called Jinx, the baku gets her into her dream school, Profectus, where she is exposed to dangerous secrets.

    The Last Human by Zack Jordan (J Jordan)
    The last human in the universe, a girl named Saraya, must battle alien intelligences and confront the truth about humanity.

    Narwhal on a Sunny Night (The Magic Tree House) by Mary Pope Osborne (Bridge Books J Osborn)
    The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to Greenland where they discover they’ve traveled back in time to meet Lief Erikson

    book the mystery of the moon towerThe Mystery of the Moon Tower (The Pathfinders Society) by Francesco Sedita and Prescott Seraydarian (J Comic Pathfinders Society)
    Five kids are thrown together at summer camp, where they embark on a journey that will take them back and forth through time.

    The Raconteur’s Commonplace Book by Kate Milford (J Milford)
    Nothing is what it seems and there’s always more than one side to the story as a group of strangers trapped in an inn slowly reveal their secrets in this new standalone mystery set in the world of the best-selling Greenglass House.

    Revenge of the Sis (Jedi Academy) by Jarrett J. Krosoczka (J Jedi)
    Legendary Padawan Christina Starspeeder is a student at the advanced Jedi Academy Before, Christina was top of her class. But at this new school, it seems like everyone is on a different level.

    book sal and gabi fix the universeSal & Gabi Fix the Universe (Sal & Gabi #2) by Carlos Hernandez (J Hernandez)
    Cuban-American Sal and Gabi must fix the multi-universe they broke in the first book and prevent Sal’s father from accidentally causing a disaster.

    A Time Traveler’s Theory of Relativity by Nicole Valentine (J Valentine)
    Finn learns that his supposedly-dead sister and his mother, who just disappeared, are time travelers. And only he can to save them.

    Two Girls, a Clock, and a Crooked House by Michael Poore (J Poore)
    After Amy is struck by lightning, she can see and understand things she never noticed before. She can communicate telepathically with a silent friend, Moo. Together, they, travel through time and face a child-eating witch.

    Weird Little Robots by Carolyn Crimi (J Crimi)
    When two science-savvy girls create an entire robot world, they don’t expect the robots to come alive. But life may be a bit more magical than they thought.

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  • School Support Tip – Math stories

    school supportMATH BOOKS

    The Stratford Library has lots of fiction books that include math concepts. Local Math teachers encourage students to read some of these books, and all of them are good choices for Summer Reading. We also have biographies of notable mathematicians.

    This list is divided by reading level: Grades K-1, Grades 2-3, and Grades 4-6.
    Look in Easy Reader Math and Counting Books for more K-3 books and Juvenile Nonfiction J152 and J510 – J530 for math nonfiction for older readers.

    Grades K-1 ($ indicates Financial Literacy books)

    100 Ways to Celebrate 100 Days – Bruce Goldstone (PJ Goldstone)

    A Chair for My Mother – Vera B. Williams $ (PJ Williams)

    book baby goes to marketBaby Goes to Market – Atinuke (PJ Atinuke)

    Bean Thirteen – Matthew McElligott (PJ McElligot)

    Bunny Money – Rosemary Wells $ (PJ Wells)

    The Doorbell Rang – Pat Hutchins (PJ Hutchins)

    Goodnight Numbers – Danica McKellar (PJ McKellar)

    Lifetime – Lola M. Schaefer (PJ Schaefer)

    The Lion’s Share – Matthew McElligott (PJ McElligott)

    book lifetimeMy Little Sister Ate One Hare – Bill Grossman (PJ Grossman)

    Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein – Don Brown

    Ready, Set, 100th Day! – Nancy Elizabeth Wallace (PJ Wallace)

    Rocket’s 100th Day of School – Tad Hills (E Hill)

    The Rabbit Problem – Emily Gravett (PJ Gr)

    A Second Is a Hiccup by Hazel Hutchins (PJ Hu)

    book stack the catsStack the Cats – Susie Ghahremani (PJ Ghahremani)

    Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature – Joyce Sidman (PJ Sidman)

    Ten in the Bed – Penny Dale (PJ Dale)

    Ten Magic Butterflies – Danica McKellar (PJ McKellar)

    Twenty Is Too Many – Kate Duke (PJ Duke)

    Who Sank the Boat? – Pamela Allen (PJ Allen)

    book who sank the boatZero – Kathryn Otoshi (PJ Otoshi)

    One – Kathryn Otoshi (PJ Otoshi)

    Two – Kathryn Otoshi (PJ Otoshi)-

    Grades 2-3

    book 100 billion trillion starsA Hundred Billion Trillion Stars – Seth Fishman (PJ Fishman)

    7 x 9 = Trouble – Claudia Mills (J Mills)

    Annika Riz, Math Whiz – Claudia Mills (J Mills)

    Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci – Joseph D’Agnese (PJ Da)

    The Boy Who Loved Math – Deborah Heiligman (JB Erdos, Paul)

    Counting on Katherine – Helaine Becker (JB Johnson)

    Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace – Eric Wight (J Wight)

    Little Leonardo’s Fascinating World of Math – Bob Cooper (PJ Cooper)

    The Man Who Made Time Travel – Kathryn Lasky (JB Harrison, John)

    book margaret and the moonMargaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing – Dean Robbins (PJ Robbins)

    Math Curse – Jon Scieszka (PJ Scieszka)

    Math Fables & others – Greg Tang (PJ Tang)

    A Million Dots – Andrew Clements (pj cl)

    Missing Math & others by Loreen Leedy (PJ Le)

    Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune – Jane O’Connor $ (Bridge Books J O’Connor)

    Of Numbers and Stars: The Story of Hypatia – D. Anne Love (JB Hypatia)

    One Grain of Rice – Demi (J Tales India)

    book 7 golden ringsSeven Golden Rings: A Tale of Music and Math – Rajani LaRocca (PJ LaRocca)

    Sir Cumference series – Cindy Neuschwander (PJ Ne)

    Solo Girl – Andrea Davis Pinkney (J Pi)

    The Wing Wing Brothers Math Spectacular – Ethan Long (PJ Long)

    Who Says Women Can’t Be Computer Programmers? The Story of Ada Lovelace – Tanya Lee Stone (JB Lovelace)

    Grades 4-6 ($ indicates Financial Literacy books)

    book athlete vs mathleteAthlete vs.Mathlete – W.C. Mack (J Mack)

    Babymouse: Dragonslayer – Jennifer Holm (J Comic Babymouse)

    The Cat in Numberland – by Ivar Ekeland (J Ekeland)

    Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Making Money – Tommy Greenwald $ (J Greenwald)

    Counting by 7s – Holly Sloan (J Sloan)

    Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie – J. Patrick Lewis (J Poetry Lewis)

    Floors series – Patrick Carman (J Carman)

    The Fourteen Fibs of Gregory K – Greg Pincus (J Pincus)

    The Gollywhopper Games – Jody Feldman (J Feldman)

    Lawn Boy Returns – Gary Paulsen $ (J Paulsen)

    book miscalculations of lightning girl

    The Lemonade War series – Jacqueline Davies $ (J Davies)

    Lunch Money – Andrew Clements $ (J Clements)

    Manga Math Mysteries series – Melinda Thielbar (J Comic Manga Math)

    Marvelous Math – Lee Bennet Hopkins (J Poetry Hopkins)

    The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl – Stacy McAnulty (J McAnulty)

    Mr. Puzzle Super Collection – Chris Eliopoulos (J Comic Mr. Puzzle)

    The Mysterious Benedict Society – Trenton Lee Stewart (J Stewart)

    Numbed – David Lubar (J Lubar)

    book secret coders

    Number 8 – Anna Fienberg (J Fienberg)

    The Potato Chip Puzzles – Eric Berlin (J Berlin)

    Secret Coders series – Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes (J Comic Secret Coders)

    Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School – Louis Sachar (J Sachar)

    The Unknowns: A Mystery – Benedict Carey (J Carey)



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  • DIY Storytime – Earth Day

    Enjoy this DIY Storytime on Earth Day whenever is convenient for your family.


    book why should i protect natureWhy Should I Protect Nature?
    • Written by Jen Green
    • Illustrated by Mike Gordon
    • Published by Barron’s Educational Series
    • Presented by Megan Norris
    A class learns why it’s important to take care of the environment and how to help.
    Pre-K Pages has lots of ideas for celebrating Earth Day with kids:

    Celebrating Earth Day in Preschool

    book miss foxMiss Fox’s Class Goes Green
    • Written by Eileen Spinelli
    • Illustrated by Anne Kennedy
    • Published by Albert Whitman & Company
    • Presented by Happy Cultivated
    The students in Miss Fox’s class change their habits to go green.
    The Spruce Crafts has 20 craft projects for kids using recycled materials:


    book i love the earthI Love the Earth
    • Written and illustrated by Todd Parr
    • Published by
    • Presented by SnuggleBug Storytime
    Todd Parr gives us many reasons why we love the Earth.
    Little Bins Little Hands has instructions for making a bird feeder using a carboard tube:


    Save the Planet Song by Miss Linky with The Global Social Leaders

    Earth We’re in It Together by Auntie Litter

    This Is Our World by Sarah OShea


    In Celebration of Earth Day by Kelly Roper

    In celebration of Earth Day,
    Why not plant a tree?
    It will produce fresh air,
    And be a joy for all to see.

    In celebration of Earth Day,
    Go and visit a local park.
    Get back in touch with nature,
    Its sights and sounds in light and dark.

    In celebration of Earth Day
    Try to be more aware,
    Of how your actions affect this world
    And devote yourself to its care.

    If You Love Our Planet Earth by Martha Simpson
    (tune: If You’re Happy and You Know It)

    If you love our planet Earth, then clap your hands (clap hands)
    If you love our planet Earth, then clap your hands (clap hands)
    You should love your planet Earth (make a big circle with your arms)
    It’s the planet of your birth (make a rocking cradle with arms)
    If you love our planet Earth, then clap your hands. (clap hands)

    If you want an Earth that’s clean, pick up your trash (pretend to pick something up)
    If you want an Earth that’s clean, pick up your trash (pretend to pick something up)
    You should want an Earth that’s clean (make a big circle with your arms)
    So you really should “go green” (nod your head)
    If you want an Earth that’s clean, pick up your trash. (pretend to pick something up)

    If you want an Earth with water, then don’t waste (move your hands down like rain)
    If you want an Earth with water, then don’t waste (move your hands down like rain)
    Please don’t let the water run (pretend to wash hands)
    Turn the tap off when you’re done (pretend to turn off faucet)
    If you want an Earth with water, then don’t waste. (move your hands down like rain)

    If you want an Earth with plants, take care of them (hold out arms)
    If you want an Earth with plants, take care of them (hold out arms)
    Plant a garden with some seeds (pretend to dig a garden)
    Be respectful to the trees (pretend to hug a tree)
    If you want an Earth with plants, take care of them. (hold out arms)

    If you want Earth to be healthy, say “I do!” (“I do!”)
    If you want Earth to be healthy, say “I do!” (“I do!”)
    Now you should know what to do
    ‘Cos it’s up to me and you (point to yourself, and away)
    If you want Earth to be healthy, say “I do!” (“I do!”)

    Recycling Song
    (tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

    Save, save, save the cans
    Put them in the bin
    We can help to save the Earth
    If we all pitch in.

    Save, save, save the paper
    Put them in the bin
    We can help to save the Earth
    If we all pitch in.

    Save, save, save the bottles
    Put them in the bin
    We can help to save the Earth
    If we all pitch in.

    Save, save, save the plastic
    Put them in the bin
    We can help to save the Earth
    If we all pitch in.

    Earth Day - color

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