Do-It-Yourself Storytime Puppies

Do-It-Yourself Storytime
Theme – Puppies

Story: Harry the Dirty Dog
• Written by Gene Zion & Illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham
• Published by Harper Collins
• Read by Betty White
Harry is a white dog with black spots who loves everything…except baths. So one day before bath time, Harry runs away.

Story: Some Dogs Do
• Written & illustrated by Jez Alborough
• Published by Candlewick Press
• Read by Kevin Whately
When Sid the dog thinks a happy thought on his way to school one day, he floats up in the air and begins to fly. When he reports his adventure, his classmates laugh at him and tell him that dogs don’t fly. But his father sympathizes and tells him a secret — some dogs do!


Story: Bailey
• Written & Illustrated by Harry Bliss
• Published by Scholastic Books
• TumbleBook Library
Follow Bailey the dog as he gets ready and goes to school. Should he wear the red or blue collar? Both are so fashionable! Will he be late? That squirrel is a distraction! And what about Bailey’s homework? Would you believe he ate it? That is what dogs do, after all.


Songs about Dogs:


Ralph’s World – Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog Song – Original Annie & Ben


Digging in the Dirt

Ten little doggies went out one day (hold 10 fingers up)
To dig in the dirt and play, play, play. (Pretend to dig like a dog with both hands)
Five were spotted, and five were not, (Hold up one hand at a time)
And at dinner time they ate a lot! (Pretend to eat)

Call the Puppy

Call the puppy (beckon with finger)
And give him some milk (pour milk in bowl)
Brush his coat (pretend to brush)
Till it shines like silk
Call the puppy (beckon with finger)
And give him a bone (pretend to feed dog)
Take him for a walk (pretend to hold leash)
Then bring him home. (make shape of house with hands)

Puppy Dog

Puppy dog, puppy dog, turn around,
Puppy dog, puppy dog, touch the ground.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, wag your tail.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, drink from the pail.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, sit and beg.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, hold up one leg.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, take a walk
Puppy dog, puppy dog, try to talk.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, try to lick
Puppy dog, puppy dog, fetch the stick.
Puppy dog, puppy dog go upstairs
Puppy dog, puppy dog, look for bears.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, turn off the light.
Puppy dog, puppy dog, say goodnight.


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