Gardening Tips


New to gardening? Looking to spruce up your backyard? With the weather (finally!) starting to warm up, gardening is a great way to get outside and enjoy that home you’ve been staying in 🙂 It’s also a good way to discover the many health benefits gardening can bring!

Whether it’s vegetable plants, herbs, flowers or shrubs, this might just be the time to discover your green thumb. To help you get started or cultivate your own garden or lawn, here are some resources to help you enjoy the great outdoors at home!

How to Start a Garden 10 Steps to Gardening for Beginners

A SEASONAL GUIDE: Spring Lawn And Landscape Care

Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Gardening Guides from The National Gardening Association

Get inspired by listening to the NPR Podcast Live KitThis Is A Good Time To Start A Garden. Here’s How

Or stop by the library and pickup a book or two on gardening and lawn care:

… and many more!


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