Science Sunday – Learn About the Human Body

childWeek 3: Human Body

On this Science Sunday, we will learn all about the human body!

Read About It
How The Body Works:
In English:
In Spanish:
Interactive Map of the Body:
Coronavirus: A Book for Children:
National Geographic Kids: 15 Facts About the Human Body:
DK Find Out: Human Body Systems:
Blood Facts:
Eye Facts:
Heart Facts:


Watch, Listen & Learn
Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy: The Brain clip:
Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Bones clip:
Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy: The Eyeball clip:
Video: The Teeth Song (Learn every tooth):
Video: How Many Smells Can You Smell?
Sid the Science Kid:
Why Do We Have Belly Buttons?
Why Do Cuts Heal? (click “visit site”)
Why Do We Need Sleep?


Play & Learnchild running
KidsHealth Movies, Games, and Scavenger Hunts:

Human Body Health & Growth:
Keeping Healthy:
Skeleton & Bones:
Life Cycle of a Human:
Neuroscience for Kids – Brain Games:
Human Body Word Scramble:

Make Your Own Fake Mucus:
Taste Testing Without Smell:
What Is Your Lung Volume:
Test Your Dominant Side:

Coloring Sheets
Crayola Human Body Coloring Pages:
Human Body Coloring Pages:
Human Body Systems Coloring Pages:
Anatomy Coloring Pages:
Preschoolers Coloring Pages of the Human Body:

Fun Quizzes
Human Body Quiz:
DK Human Body Quiz:

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