Science Sunday – Rainforests

rainforestScience Sunday: Rainforests

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Rainforest Animals:
Rainforest Alliance:

National Geographic:

Cal Tech:

San Diego Zoo:


Rainforest Biome:

sunbearLayers of the rainforest:

Location of the world’s rainforests:

Habitat Facts from National Geographic:

University of California Santa Barbara:


National Zoo: 


Fun Rainforest Facts for Kids:

eyelash viperPreserving Rainforests:

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Rainforests 101:

Virtual Field Trip to the Amazon Rainforest:

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Making a Miniature Rainforest:

10+ Amazing Rainforest Crafts:

25+ Rainforest Animal Crafts for Kids:

Rainforest Habitat Diorama:



Fun Rainforest Science Experiments:

Build a Rainforest Terrarium:


Jungle Jeopardy:

Dora and Friends Rainforest Rescue:

slothFun Activities (coloring pages, word searches, etc.)

Rainforest Pocketbook Scavenger Hunt:

Word searches, word scrambles, mazes:

13 Activities:

Layers of the Rainforest Matching Game:

Coloring Pages:

Jan Brett’s rainforest mural:

Rainforest Activities for Preschoolers:

Scholastic Teachables (some have a cost or a free trial):

Rainforest Lesson Plan with Information and Links:

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