Science Sunday – Rivers

Science Sunday: Rivers


Read About It

Fascinating Facts About Rivers:

Kids Discover Rivers:

World’s Longest Rivers:

Longest Rivers of the World:

Mississippi River Facts:

Spotlight: The Amazon:

The Nile River:

Map of Connecticut Rivers:

danubeMap of United States Rivers:

When Rivers are Borders:

How Rivers Shape States:

River Habitat:

River & Stream Pollution:

How’s My Waterway? (Check the condition of rivers in different states)

Watch, Listen & Learn

Freddy the Fish teaches about stormwater:

nilePlay & Learn

Building & Crafts
Build your own watershed: (more challenging activity)


Nonpoint source pollution: experiment:

Fun Activities (coloring pages, word searches, etc.)

Scenic Rivers Kids’ Activity Book:

YouTube video: Create your own river

Nonpoint source pollution experiments and activities:

World’s Longest Rivers word search:

Connecticut’s Rivers Missing Letters Activity:

Interactive picture re: nonpoint source pollution:

Stormwater Activity Sheets:

Know Where It Goes Stormwater Game:

Clean Waterways (diagrams and coloring pages):

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