The voters have spoken!

shakeThe readers have spoken! The Children’s librarians promised to sing a rock song at the end of summer party on August 12 if Stratford children read enough books.

Well, as of this morning, you’ve read over 15,100 books, so your librarians (with a little help from some Stratford readers) will be singing ….drum roll please … Shake It Off! Well, let’s just say it will be our own version of Shake It Off with some special library lyrics. We hope you’ll sing along at the party.

Here is how we picked our song:

134 children voted for Shake It Off
107 children voted for What Does the Fox Say? (The librarians admit a small amount of relief they do not have to practice all the animal noises – thank you, voters!)
57 children voted for Say, Geronimo
46 children voted for ABC

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