Winter Wednesday – Ice Globes

Did you attend our Winter Wednesday event today? We made ice globes you can place outside as fun decorations. You can try the experiment at home. You will need:

  • Balloons
  • Food coloring
  • gloves
  • scissors
    ice globes suppliesHere’s what you do!
  • One person holds the balloon open while another person tries to drip the food coloring straight into the bottom of the balloon. Work over the sink to avoid mess!
  • Then, attach the balloon to your sink spout and fill the balloon with water as high as you can, letting the balloon grow into as big a water balloon as you want. Turn off the water.
  • CAREFULLY! remove the balloon from the sink spout and tie off the balloon. (Mess may occur!)
  • Put your balloons in the freezer or outside on a cold night. Let freeze.
  • Head outside and, wearing gloves, cut open the balloons with the scissors. Check out the awesome colored ice globes you made! Arrange them around your yard for a beautiful winter decoration. See the picture below for some examples.

We will be back next Wednesday for another quick, outdoor activity. You can register to join us! (We are wearing masks, even outside, and asking each family to stand separately, so that everyone, including families with infants, can feel safe.)


ice globes

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