DIY Storytime – Cookies

Do-It-Yourself Storytime

Enjoy this Do It Yourself Storytime, on the theme of cookies, whenever your family would like.


The Doorbell Rang bookThe Doorbell Rang
• Written and illustrated by Pat Hutchins
• Published by Greenwillow Books
• Presented by Milk and Cookies Storytime
Mom baked a batch of cookies, but every time another person comes to visit, they have to divide the cookies again so they can all have some. What happens if too many people come?
Teach Me Mommy has directions for making a Felt Cookies Baking Set:

The duckling gets a cookie bookThe Duckling Gets a Cookie!?
• Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
• Published by Hyperion
• Presented by Shane’s Kinder Corner
The Pigeon is upset when Duckling gets a cookie.
Mo Willems has an entire event kit for his book:

The gingerbread man bookThe Gingerbread Man
• Retold by Louise Martin
• Illustrated by Gail Yerrill
• Published by Parragon
• Presented by Amazing Read Alouds for Kids
The classic story of a runaway gingerbread cookie.
Here’s a recipe for Gingerbread Play Dough from The Imagination Tree. Make a batch and let your children have fun!


Who Took the Cookie From the Cookie Jar? by Super Simple Songs

Cookie Boogie by GoNoodle

Cookie Monster Sings C Is for Cookie by Sesame Street


Making Cookies

I am making cookie dough (point to self)
Round and round the beaters go (make rolling motion with hands)
Add some flour from a cup (pretend to pour)
Stir and mix the batter up (pretend to stir)
Roll them, cut them, nice and neat (pretend to roll and cut out cookies)
Put them on a cookie sheet (pretend to put cookies on a baking sheet)
Let them bake at 350 (pretend to put in oven)
Then serve them to my friends for tea. (pretend to pass out cookies)

Ten Little Cookies

Ten little cookies, don’t they look so fine?
(Child’s Name) ate the peanut butter, then there were nine.
Nine little cookies, boy, they sure smell great
(Child’s Name) ate the brownie cookie, then there were eight.
Eight little cookies, we’re in cookie heaven
(Child’s Name) ate the sugar cookie then there were seven.
Seven little cookies, some with chocolate chips
(Child’s Name) ate the chunky one, then there were six.
Six little cookies, there’s no need to cry
(Child’s Name) ate the gingersnap, then there were five.
Five little cookies with frosting galore
(Child’s Name) ate the one with sprinkles, then there were four.
Four little cookies, some for you and me
(Child’s Name) ate the M & Ms, then there were three.
Three little cookies but before I knew
(Child’s Name) ate the lemon one, then there were two.
Two little cookies, laying in the sun
(Child’s Name) ate the one with nuts, then there was one.
One little cookie, we’re almost done,
I ate the shortbread and then there were none.

Great Big Cookie
I am a great big cookie (circle hands over head)
Chocolately and round (extend hands out to sides)
Filled with lots of chocolate chips (point to chips)
The best that can be found. (rub tummy)
I am a great big cookie (circle hands over head)
Take a bite of me (make chewing motions with hands)
Tasty, sweet, delicious (extend hands out to sides)
I’m oh-so-yummy! (rub tummy)
I WAS a great big cookie (circle hands over head)
The very best around (extend hands out to sides)
Now there’s nothing left of me (shake head)
Just crumbs upon the ground. (sit down)

Making Cookies by Jean Warren

First we add the butter and we mash it, mash it.
Then we add the sugar and we blend it, blend it.
Then we add the eggs and we whip it, whip it.
Then we add the flour and we stir it, stir it.
Then we make a ball and we roll it, roll it.
Then we choose a cutter and we cut it, cut it.
Then we get a cookie sheet and place it, place it.
Then put in the oven and bake it, bake it.
Then set it on a rack and we cool it, cool it.
Then we pop it in our mouth and we eat it, eat it.

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