DIY Storytime – Hats

Celebrate Dr. Seuss day with a whimsical DIY Storytime on Hats – whenever is convenient for your family.

Do-It-Yourself Storytime


book old hatOld Hat New Hat
• Written and illustrated by Jan and Stan Berenstain
• Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
• Presented by Mark Gooding
Brother Bear wants a new hat, but nothing seems right.
Jean Warren has some hat activities on her Preschool Express site:

book whose hat is thisWhose Hat Is This?
• Written by Sharon Katz Cooper
• Illustrated by Amy Muehlenhardt
• Published by Picture Window Books
• Presented by Zest2Teach
Learn about different hats that help people do their jobs.
First Palette has templates and instructions for making a variety of paper hats:

Do You Have a Hat?
• Written by Eileen Spinelli
• Illustrated by Geraldo Valerio
• Published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
• Presented by Art with Mrs. F.
A fun look at hats worn by famous people in history.
Here are more ideas for paper hats from How Stuff Works:


Hats on Top by Macmillan Education

My Hat Seasons Song by Love to Sing

My Hat It Has Three Corners


Silly Hat

A silly hat, a silly hat
I wear it on my head ‘cos that’s where it’s at
And I know it looks as funny as can be.
A silly hat, a silly hat
I wear it on my head ‘cos that’s where it’s at
And I like it ‘cos it feels like part of me.

It may be too big or it may be too little
It might even have a whole in the middle
It might be colored red or blue or green

And if someone saw my silly hat
That I had on my head ‘cos that’s where it’s at
They’d think it was the funniest thing they’d seen
But I like it ‘cos it feels a part of me!

Whose Hat Am I?

hard hatI’m hard and yellow, sturdy as can be
To protect your head – who wears me?

baseball hat

One, two, three strikes you’re out
I am worn in the field and in the dugout.

chef hatI’m tall and white, take a look
Someone wears me when he cooks.

magic hatHocus pocus, look about
My master taps me and a rabbit jumps out!

birthday hatOn your birthday, I’ll be there
Sitting up atop your hair.

crownI am special, you can see
Worn by those of royalty.

wizard hatTall with stars and a pointy peak
Look for my owner if magic you seek.

fire hatIf there’s a fire, I’ll be there
Protecting my brave owner’s hair.

straw hatI’m made of straw with a brim so wide
Can you tell whose head will be inside?

winter hatA knitted hat for young and old
To keep a head warm in the cold.

Hat Counting Rhyme

5 hats on a rack at the formal store
A lady bought the one with feathers, now there are four
4 hats on a rack, perfect as can be
A young man bought the black top hat, now there are three.
3 hats on a rack, beautiful and new
A dancer bought the bright tiara, now there are two.
2 hats on the rack at the formal store
An actor bought the velvet derby, now there is one.
1 hat on the rack at the formal store
You bought the one with sequins, now there are none.

diy hat color


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