DIY Storytime – Octopus

October 8 is National Octopus Day – celebrate with this DIY Storytime anytime that you like!



 Inky the Octopus
Written by Erin Guendelsberger

  • Illustrated by David Leonard
  • Published by Sourcebooks Wonderland
  • Presented by This Little Piggy

A story based on the real-life escape of an octopus from the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

How to Draw a Cartoon Octopus by Art for Kids Hub:


My Very Own Octopus

  • Written and illustrated by Bernard Most
  • Published by
  • Presented by TheStoryBookTellers

What would you do if you had a pet octopus?

This video by Socratica Kids shows you 8 interesting facts about the octopus.


Tickly Octopus

  • Written and illustrated by Ruth Galloway
  • Published by Tiger Tales
  • Presented by Sonshine2111

An octopus discovers all the wonderful things he can do when he chases after a pearl.

Here are instructions and printable templates for an O Is for Octopus craft from All About Learning Press:



Octopus’s Garden by The Muppet Show


Ooh La La, Octopus by PinkFong


Octopus Song by Crocomole




Oliver the Octopus

Oliver the Octopus                           (wiggle arms up and down)

Underneath the sea                         (shade your eyes like you’re looking out to sea)

Plucking up some seaweed           (pretend to pick up things from the ground)

So he can make tea                         (pretend to dip teabag in kettle)

Pours the tea into some cups        (pretend to pour tea from kettle to cups)

Gives a little grin                              (smile)

“Welcome, little fishies,                   (wave hello)

Won’t you please come in?”          (motion with hand to come in)


How to Shake Hands with an Octopus

by Diana Smith

“How do you do?” said the Octopus

“How do you do?” I said.

I stretched my right hand forward

Then pulled it back instead.

His arms are eight

While mine are two.

Do I shake one or four?

And what is left and what is right?

What limbs do I ignore?

His arms are in a circle

There is no left or right

I think at times it’s very hard

To try to be polite.

I’ll take a chance, stick out my hand

And hope he takes the cue,

And if he gives me all his arms

I’ll say, “How do you do do do do do do do do!”


Ten Little Octopuses

Ten little octopuses playing in the brine

One got tangled in the kelp, then there were nine.

Nine little octopuses find a wooden crate

One wanted to peek inside, then there were eight.

Eight little octopuses, three less than eleven

One wanted to learn to add, then there were seven.

Seven little octopuses drumming with some sticks

One went off to look for more, then there were six.

Six little octopuses learning how to dive

One wanted to float instead, then there were five.

Five little octopuses on the ocean floor

One hid inside a cave, then there were four.

Four little octopuses swimming in the sea

One chased a manatee, then there were three.

Three little octopuses love the ocean view

One wanted to take a nap, then there were two.

Two little octopuses having so much fun

One had to go home for dinner, then there was one.

One little octopus lying in the sun

He left when the sun went down, and then there were none.

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