DIY Storytime – Pajamas


Enjoy this Do-It-Yourself Storytime on Pajamas whenever is convenient for your family.


book pyjama dayPyjama Day
• Written by Robert Munsch
• Illustrated by Michael Martchenko
• Published by Scholastic Canada
• Presented by Sue’s Reading Corner
Something odd happens when Andrew wears his new pyjamas to school for Pyjama Day. (Note: Pyjama is the British spelling for pajama!)
Highlights Magazine has some great ideas for a Pajama Day.

book pajama piratesPajama Pirates
• Written by Andrew Kramer
• Illustrated by Leslie Lammle
• Published by HarperCollins
• Presented by Storytime with Auntie Dawn
Come bedtime, the pajama pirates know just what to do: put on their pj’s and let the treasure hunt begin!
Play Party Plan has ideas for a fun Pajama Party:


book timothy and the strong pajamasTimothy and the Strong Pajamas
• Written by and illustrated by Vivian Schwartz
• Published by Scholastic
• Presented by Stratford Library
After Timothy’s mother fixes his favorite pajamas with Patches of Power and Buttons of Bravery, he acquires amazing super strength. But what happens when his pajamas rip?
Inspiration Laboratories has coloring sheets for PJ tops and bottoms that you can use to make a matching game. Print them out and have your child color each set a in a different color or pattern. Then cut the tops and bottoms into separate pictures. Glue them onto cardboard to make them sturdy.


Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

Pajama Time! by The Laurie Berkner Band

Llama, Llama Red Pajama Sing-Along by Anna Dewdney (Penguin Books USA)


The PJ Pokey
(tune: The Hokey Pokey. Follow the dance instructions as you sing the song.)

You put your right sleeve in
You put your right sleeve out
You put your right sleeve in and you shake it all about
You do the PJ Pokey and you turn yourself around
And that’s what it’s all about.

(Repeat verse for left sleeve, right and left leg, right and left slipper.)

I Love My Pajamas

I love my pajamas, I wear them every night
They keep me snug inside my bed, they always feel just right.

Sometimes they are flannel, and sometimes they have feet
My winter jammies keep me warm when I’m between the sheets.

In summer they are lightweight, and may be long or short
Or maybe it’s a nightgown – it can be any sort.

Plain or striped or polka-dots, or flower print or plaid
My PJs are so comfy, and that makes me feel glad.

Pajama Party
by Martha Simpson
(tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Pajama party, can you come?
We’ll invite, everyone
We’re going to have so much fun
And never sleep at all.

You can bring your teddy bear
And a fun snack to share
And the PJs you will wear
But we won’t sleep at all.

We can eat and watch TV
Play some games, you will see
What a wonderful party
And we won’t sleep at all.

We can have a pillow fight
Jump on beds, talk all night
Stay up till the morning light
And hardly sleep at all.

Pajama party’s almost done
And we had so much fun
But, just look at everyone –
Now sleeping are you all!

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