School Support Tip – Educational DVDs

school supportEducational DVDS for Kids

Videos can make learning fun. The Stratford Library Children’s Department has a selection of nonfiction DVDs that can entertain kids while introducing them to math and science concepts, different parts of the world, cultures and holidays, wild animals, health and fitness, and lots more.

Here are a few of our Educational DVDs for Kids.

Facing Fear Without Freaking Out (JDVD 152.4 Fac)

United States Constitution (JDVD 342.73 United)

Cinco de Mayo and others in the Holidays for Children series (JDVD 394.262 Cinco)

movie pluto filesMy First Signs and others in the Signing Time series (JDVD 419 Sign)

Number Patterns and others in the Math Challenge series (JDVD 513 N)

The Pluto Files: On the Road with Neil deGrasse Tyson (JDVD 523.492 Pluto)

Magnetism and others by Bill Nye the Science Guy (JDVD 538 Nye)

Rainforest Biomes and others in the Biomes of the World in Action series (JDVD 577.3 Rain)

African Cats and others in the DisneyNature Presents series (JDVD 591.748 African)

Reptile and other DK Eyewitness series (JDVD 597.7 Reptiles)

movie little kicksLittle Kicks: Fitness Workout for Kids (JDVD 613.7042 Little)

Science Kids: Viruses, Vaccines and Covid-19 – Prepare and Prevail (JDVD 616.2 Viruses)

Autism: The Musical (JDVD 616.5855 Autism)

Engines and others in the Wat Things Wok series (621.43 Engines)

Drool School: Family Dog Training (JDVD 636.7 Drool)

movie how did that get in my lunchboxHow Did That Get in My Lunchbox? The Story of Food (JDVD 641.3 How)

Potty Time with Bear (JDVD 649.62 Potty)

Getting to Know Mo Willems (JDVD 813 Willems)

Secrets of the Titanic and others in the National Geographic series (JDVD 910.4 Secrets)

Ancient Egypt (JDVD 932 Egypt)








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