DIY Storytime – Penguins

Enjoy this Do-It-Yourself Storytime on Penguins whenever is convenient for your family.


book be brave little penguinBe Brave, Little Penguin
• Written by Giles Andreae
• Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees
• Published by Orchard Books
• Presented by Circle Time Reading
Little Pip-Pip is afraid of the water, but overcomes his fears so he can swim with his friends.
This video by Kids Academy has lots of interesting penguin facts.


book tacky the penguinTacky the Penguin
• Written by Helen Lester
• Illustrated by Lynn Musinger
• Published by Houghton Mifflin
• Presented by My Cozy Corner
An odd penguin named Tacky finds a way to save the other penguins from hunters.
Here’s a cute Penguin Winter Clothes Color Matching Game from totschooling:


book little penguin's taleLittle Penguin’s Tale
• Written and illustrated by Audrey Wood
• Published by Houghton Mifflin
• Presented by Ruby TV
A little penguin sets out on his own to find adventure and gets into all kinds of trouble.
So many adorable penguin craft projects gathered by The Best Ideas for Kids:


Be My Penguin by Judy Sierra, from the book Antarctic Antics. Film by Weston Woods.

I’m a Penguin by Harry Kindergarten Music

Five Little Penguins by Patty Shulka

by Martha Simpson

I’m a Little Penguin
(tune: I’m a little Teapot)

I’m a little penguin, look at me
All black and white, cute as can be
I know how to sled just like a pro
On my tummy and down I go.

I’m a little penguin in the snow
It sure gets cold when the chill winds blow.
I’ll never learn to fly but I can swim
Slide to the water and dive right in.

Dance Like a Penguin
(tune: London Bridges falling Down)

Penguins love to dance and play
They have fun
Penguins dance their cares away
And you can do it, too.

Flap your flippers up and down (flap arms like the song says)
Right and left
All around
Flap them high and flap them low
That’s what the penguins do.

Penguins waddle on the ground (waddle-walk like the song says)
Right and left
All around
Kick your feet straight out and back
That’s what the penguins do.

Penguins point your beaks up high (move head like the song says)
Turn your head
To the sky
Bring your head back down again
That’s what the penguins do.

Penguins do your dance right now (dance like the song says)
Flap and kick
Take a bow
Waddle in a circle, that’s how
Penguins dance and play.

Percy and Paisley
(tune: Yankee Doodle)

Percy Penguin looks so formal
In his black tuxedo
He looks sleek from toes to beak
While waddling on the new snow.
Percy Penguin, you’re so fine
Such a proper penguin
When it comes to looking good
You know you always will win.

Paisley Penguin is so silly
Splashing in the water
Playing with her friends, the seal,
The walrus, and the otter.
Paisley Penguin having fun
Just like penguins should do
Percy looks out to the water
And that’s when he sees you.

Percy Penguin acts so proper
But he’s kind of lonely
Paisley says, “Come on, jump in!
You shouldn’t be an only.”
Percy Penguin thinks a bit
Then he nods his head
Looking good is nice but swimming
Is more fun instead!

penguin coloring sheet

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