DIY Storytime – Space Aliens

Enjoy this Do-It-Yourself Storytime on the theme of Space Aliens whenever is convenient for your family.


book aliens love underpantsAliens Love Underpants
• Written by Claire Freedman
• Illustrated by Ben Cort
• Published by Simon & Schuster
• Presented by Books Alive!
Aliens love underpants, but since there aren’t any in space, they come to Earth to find them.
Felt Magnet has directions for making a space alien paper bag puppet and other ideas:

diyaliens2The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
• Written by Margaret McNamara
• Illustrated by Mark Fearing
• Published by Schwartz & Wade
• Presented by Reading Rhinos
A space alien version of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.
Print this template from Inner Child Fun to make an alien matching game for your child:

book fly guy alienzzFly Guy and the Alienzz
• Written and illustrated by Tedd Arnold
• Published by Cartwheel Books
• Presented by James Boger
Buzz makes a movie – Fly Guy and Buzz Boy are captured by space aliens!
The Aliens from Disney’s Toy Story look similar to the aliens in this book. You can find instructions to make them here:


Purple People Eater by Mini Disco

Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer by 123LetsGo TV

Martian Groove by Hi-5 World


Friends on the Moon
(tune: The Itsy-Bitsy Spider)

Climb aboard the spaceship, we’re going to the moon (wave your arm, “Come on”)
Hurry and get ready, we’re going to blast off soon
Put on your helmet and buckle up real tight (pretend to put on helmet and seat belt)
‘Cos here comes the countdown, so count with all your might.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- Blast off! (crouch down to count, then jump up at “Blast off!)

We’re landing the spaceship, ‘cos now we’re on the moon (sit down on floor)
Get your gear together, we’re going to head out soon
We’re so excited, I wonder what we’ll find (shrug shoulders)
If we see some aliens, we hope they will be kind.

Do you see any? Look around – over there! (look all around)

We see some aliens, they’re coming to us now
To show we are friendly, we wave to them and bow (wave hello and bow)
“Hello”, they say, and we say, “Hello,” too
“We have come from Earth and we want to play with you.”

You want to play, too? Hooray! (clap hands)

Playing with aliens, a silly jumping game (jump up and down)
Bouncing so high and coming down again
Taking a photo with our friends on the moon (pretend to take a selfie)
It’s time to leave now, but we will visit soon.
Bye-bye! (wave good-bye)

Ten Little Aliens

Ten little aliens came to Earth to dine
One flew back to Mercury, then there were nine.
Nine little aliens dancing until late
One flew back to Venus, then there were eight.
Eight little aliens looking at the heavens
One flew back to Mars, then there were seven.
Seven little aliens, they like to play tricks
One flew back to Jupiter, then there were six.
Six little aliens going for a dive
One flew back to Saturn, then there were five.
Five little aliens playing at the shore
One flew back to Neptune, then there were four.
Four little aliens visiting with me
One flew to Uranus, then there were three.
Three little aliens with lots of things to do
One flew back to Pluto, then there were two.
Two little aliens having so much fun
One left on a meteor, then there was one.
One little alien, looking at the sun
He flew off to visit there, then there were none.

Alien, Alien

Alien, alien, peek-a-boo
Alien, alien, I see you
Alien, alien, on the ground
Alien, alien, turn around
Alien, alien, say “blip, blip”
Alien, alien, there’s your ship
Alien, alien, climb inside
Alien, alien, go for a ride
Alien, alien, time to fly
Alien, alien, wave good-bye.

alien coloring page

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