Children’s Department Renovation

The temporary Children’s Room in the Lovell Room – come and visit!

Changes are coming to the Children’s Department!
Built in 1981, this is the first major renovation to the Children’s Department.  Exciting changes are coming your way, including:

  • A welcoming floor plan.
  • Programming space that accommodates both larger and smaller groups.
  • STEAM activities area.
  • More seating.
  • Better use of natural light.
  • Stroller parking.
  • A nursing nook, for those who wish to use it.
  • ADA accessible family restroom.


Renovation is underway!

  • The construction workers are in ‘demolition mode’ right now, knocking down walls and tearing up carpet.
  • While this work is happening, the Children’s Department is open in the Lovell Room.
  • Construction will continue through April.

Photo Diary

March 2, 2020 update

The carpet is gone! There’s also a lot of plumbing and electrical work happening, but that’s not terribly photogenic (unlike our snazzy new office wall).

After framing, the sheet rock goes up. Then taping happens. This take a long time.


February 10, 2020 update


The framing is going in for the new accessible family bathroom.

A dramatic sheetrock delivery!

The Children’s Library spirit continues through construction.

Plumbing work downstairs to get everything working upstairs!



January 29, 2020 update

The frame for the new Children’s office. The green wall is where the DVDs used to be!

The former Children’s office, with walls (and some desks) removed.


















 January 22, 2020 update. First, they took out the shelves and a few walls.

The picture book shelves have been removed.

The Program Room walls are coming down.

The view from the former Children’s Office.

Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday & Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm