Science Sunday – Sharks

sharkRead About It

Florida Museum at the University of Florida
Smithsonian Institute
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
10 Facts About Great White Sharks
Georgia Aquarium:

Watch, Listen & Learn

University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural & Cultural History. Includes a shark storytime read-aloud, instructions for an Ocean Suncatcher craft and an Ocean Sensory Bag, a shark matching game, and a link to an Aquarium Shark Cam!
Monterey Bay Aquarium Shark Cam:
Georgia Aquarium Ocean Voyager Webcam:
Ryan’s World: Learn About Sharks for Kids (for younger kids):
National Geographic: Sharks 101 (for older kids):

Play & Learn

Building & Crafts

Feed the Shark Play-Doh Geometry:
20 Fun Shark Week Crafts for Kids:
Shark4Kids Crafts:
Shark Themed Activities for Shark Week:
Super Simple Shark Headband:
Origami Shark Bookmark:


How Do Sharks Float?

Fun Activities (coloring pages, word searches, etc.)

Shark coloring sheets with facts:
More shark coloring sheets:
Shark Week crossword puzzle:
Types of Sharks word search:


Shark Trivia!:
National Geographic Kids Shark Quiz:

Project Ideas
Draw a picture of a shark and label all of its body parts.
Compare the sizes of various sharks by creating to-scale drawings or models of several species.

Research shark teeth to determine how they are perfect for hunting and eating shark’s prey. Then create your own shark tooth necklace!

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