Science Sunday – The Digestive System

the digestive systemIf it’s Science Sunday, it’s time to learn! This month’s topic is the Digestive System.

Read About It

Why Do I Burp?
Your Digestive System:
Your Digestive System and How It Works:
Human Digestive System:
Mayo Clinic: follow the steps to see how your Digestive System works:

Watch, Listen & Learn

Video: How the Digestive System Works:
Video: Swallowing:
Video: Tasting:
Video: Peristalsis:
Video: Heartburn:

Play & Learn


Making Poop!
Create a Stomach
Make Your Own Vomit:
How Long Are Your Small Intestines:

Fun Activities (coloring pages, word searches, etc.)

A Food Poem Puzzle:
Fruit & Veggie Quiz:
Digestive System Coloring Page:
The Digestive System Word Search:

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