Summer Reading Suggestions 2022

As you are making your plans for summer, don’t forget to make time to READ! Reading can take you around the world without leaving your cozy chair. And reading makes you ready for school and ready for success. Here are some suggestions for reading – as you know, every child is different – please reach out to us to select books specifically for your child’s interests and abilities.

book wonder walkersAges 0-5 | See suggestions

For this age group, focus on reading aloud, practicing the alphabet, and perhaps working on a few sight words of one syllable. Preschoolers can join our Read to Me Club starting June 1.


book all together quiltGrades K-2 | See suggestions

For this age group, work on decoding, sight words, and reading proficiency. Keep reading out loud to kids to enjoy longer stories or stories with challenging words or use our Wonderbooks that read out loud to you!


book jd and the great barber battleGrades 3-4 | See suggestions

For this age group, it’s great if they can start to read or keep reading chapter books. Check out our Bridge Book area with series like Magic Tree House and Bad Guys. Don’t forget nonfiction to explore topics of interest to your child.  Reading aloud to children in this age group can build wonderful memories. We also have great audiobooks for car trips.

book - front deskGrades 5-6 | See suggestions

For children in this age group, it’s great if they can read or keep reading chapter books, perhaps ones with characters their own age or that share their interests. It’s also great to introduce children to new topics and settings so they can apply their knowledge to new areas. Think about nonfiction, books set in the past, other cultures, and biographies. We have tons of audiobooks – on Playaway (add your headphones and go!) or on our Hoopla app (available from your device’s app store) that you can listen to on the go. Remember, listening to books is just as great for your brain as reading with your eyes!

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