Tuesday’s online programs

Hi, everyone,

Our online programs Tuesday are here. Download Zoom to your computer or phone or tablet to participate. After Monday’s programs, I have learned that…

  1. Everyone’s audio will be muted so you can hear us better. Feel free to unmute it if you have something to say then mute it back for clear sound quality.
  2. We loved seeing you – See some more of you on Tuesday!
  3. If anything changes, we’ll post on our social media – our phone number is 203.385.4165 – for any reason if you can’t get through, email childrens@stratfordlibrary.org

Tuesday, March 17
10:30 am Preschool Storytime  – Ages 3-5. Stories and songs.
Meeting code: 393-864-935

Tuesday, March 17
4 pm. Multiplication Races. Grades 3-6. You’ll need a pencil, a token (like a coin or a gamepiece or a button) and some paper. We’ll draw a St. Patrick’s Day obstacle course and speed along it with multiplication practice.
Meeting code: 422-865-622

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