Upcoming Online Programs

Hi, everyone! Our online programs continue – shoutout to Miss H, Mr. A, and Miss A for a great multiplication race yesterday – wow you all were practicing your times tables!!

Don’t forget, today at 3 pm we have Dr. Seuss spelling bee. Tomorrow at 6:30 pm is Pet Party – bring your pet to the camera and introduce us – I have a video of my cat’s feet if I can make it work. And Friday at 10:30 am is Friday Fun. and at 3 pm is Crafternoon – Grab whatever craft you are working on and join us in front of the camera for chatting and crafting.

In case you missed it, here are the instructions to join us.

To join us:

  1. Download the Zoom app (The app picture is a white square with a white and blue camera) to your Android/Apple device or the Zoom program to your laptop/computer. As a last resort, you can ‘dial in by phone’ if nothing else works.
  2. Once you are in Zoom, join our meeting using the meeting code and pin number (if required).
  3. Be sure your audio and video are enabled. It might take you a few minutes to turn everything on – be patient your first time and just keep trying!
  4. MUTE YOUR AUDIO. When you first join the program, we’ll have a few minutes to chat and say hi. When we get started, you’ll be asked to mute your audio (or we’ll do it from the Control Room!) so everyone can hear and see. Then, we’ll end with our audio back on so everyone can chat and say goodbye. For smaller programs, we may leave Audio on the entire time so we can chat. Problems? Call us at 203.385.4165 or email childrens@stratfordlibrary.org with comments, questions, or suggestions.

Wednesday, March 18
3 pm Dr. Seuss Spelling Bee – Grades K-3. You’ll need a piece of paper and a pencil. Get ready to spell!
Meeting code: 385-052-618

Thursday, March 19
10:30 am Baby Time – Babies and toddlers. Songs and rhymes with time for parent discussion and sharing.
Meeting Code: 457-123-147

Thursday, March 19
6:30 Pet Party – Any child with a pet! Bring your pet to your camera and introduce your pet to everyone! Does your animal look cute? Do tricks? Snuggle? We can’t wait to see.
Meeting code: 540-152-626

Friday, March 20
10:30 am Friday Fun – Ages 2-5. Stories and songs.
Meeting code: 189-592-336

Friday, March 20
3 pm Crafternoon. Grab whatever craft you’re working on and chat with us while you’re working.
Meeting code:   694-944-886


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