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BHM:Teen Puzzle Piece Art Co-op GRAB ‘N’ GO
Calling all teen artists! Create your own work-of-art (in any style you choose) to be included in our Black History Month Puzzle Piece Art Co-Op exhibit. Return your puzzle piece to the Teen Dept. by 2/22. Grades 6-12. Register for your kit while supplies last.
Grab ‘n’ Go sign-up: 1/26 – 2/8



Share what video games you’re currently hooked on & get recommendations from other teens! Register & we’ll email you the link to join the Discord server. Grades 6-13.
2/2 | 7-7:45pm | Discord



Graphic Novel Book Club: DISCORD MEET-UP
Join our super fun & informal book club! You snagged a kit & a copy of the graphic novel last month, now let’s chat on our Teen Discord server & share your thoughts. Grades 7-12. Register and we’ll send you the Discord link.
2/10 | 4-4:30pm | Discord



Valentine’s Gumball Craft GRAB ‘N’ GO
The perfect craft for Valentine’s Day–who will you “chews” to give your homemade gumball machine to? Register for a kit while supplies last. Grades 6-13.
Grab ‘n’ Go sign-up: 2/2 – 2/15



Cupcake Wars Decorating GRAB ‘N’ GO
Decorate like a pro! Create your own cupcake bear & snap a pic of your masterpiece to share on our Teen Discord Server. (You may even win a prize!) Email us for the Discord link if you don’t already have access. Register for your kit while supplies last.
Grab ‘n’ Go sign-up: 2/2 – 2/15



Teen Taste Testers Strawberry GRAB ‘N’ GO
Try not to fall into a sugar coma as we test out different strawberry flavored treats! Register for a kit & vote starting on 2/9 via Discord for your faves. (Voting is optional.) Email us for the Discord link. Grades 6-13.
Grab ‘n’ Go sign-up: 2/2 – 2/15



Teen volunteer instructor Emily covers the alphabet as well as conversational symbols & phrases. Register for the Zoom invite & we’ll email you the link. Grades 5-12.
Beginner 2/11 & 2/25   |    4-4:30 pm    |   Zoom
Advanced 2/11 & 2/25   |   4:30-5 pm   |   Zoom



Pop-Up Challenge DISCORD MEET-UP
Participate in a monthly challenge (posted on our Teen Discord Server) for a chance to win a prize! This month’s challenge is: make or share your favorite dessert! Email if you don’t already have it.
Pop-Up posted: 2/2 to 2/28 | Discord

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