DIY Storytime – Astronauts

Enjoy this DIY Storytime on the theme of Astronauts whenever you like!


pete the cat bookPete the Cat: Out of This World
• Written and illustrated by James Dean
• Published by HarperCollins
• Presented by Let’s Read Stories
Pete the Cat goes to Space Camp in this fun book.
Kids can train like an astronaut using these ideas from Kitchen Floor Crafts:


the astronaut handbook bookThe Astronaut Handbook
• Written by Meghan McCarthy
• Published by Alfred A, Knopf Books
• Presented by Mrs. Clark’s Reading Corner
Learn what it takes to become an astronaut!
Here are some easy crafts ideas using a toilet paper tube (or loo roll, as they say in England):


If I Were an Astronaut
• Written by Eric Braun
• Illustrated by Sharon Harmer
• Published by Picture Window Books
• Presented by Storytime From Space
Enjoy this story read by a real astronaut on the International Space Station.
Check out the NASA Kids’ Club for some great online activities for kids of all ages:


Astronauts! by Bounce Patrol

Zoom Zoom Zoom, We’re Going to the Moon by the Kiboomers

I Wanna Be an Astronaut by Little Angel


Climb Aboard the Shuttle

Climb aboard the shuttle (pretend to climb ladder)
We’re going to the moon
Hurry and get ready (crouch down to pretend you are sitting)
We’re going to blast off soon (pretend to check instrument panel)
Put on your helmets (pretend to put on helmet)
And buckle up real tight (pretend to put on seat buckle)
Here comes the countdown
Let’s count with all our might.
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (count down on fingers)
BLAST OFF! (jump up)

Five NASA Astronauts
(Hold up fingers as rhyme indicates)
Five NASA astronauts at the rocket door
One said goodbye, then there were four.

Four NASA astronauts with no gravity
One got too dizzy, then there were three.

Three NASA astronauts enjoying the view
One went to work, then there were two.

Two NASA astronauts see the rising Sun
One wanted breakfast, then there was one.

One NASA astronaut, his long day is done
He went to sleep, then there were none.

Moon Walk
(tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

I am an astronaut, I am an astronaut (point to yourself)
I’m going to walk upon the moon
I am an astronaut.

I put my spacesuit on, I put my spacesuit on (pretend to step into a spacesuit)
To keep me safe when I go out
I put my spacesuit on.

I put my helmet on, I put my helmet on (pretend to put on a helmet)
So I can breathe when I’m outside
I put my helmet on.

I open up the hatch. I open up the hatch (pretend to open a door)
I see the surface of the moon
I open up the hatch.

I take a step outside, I take a step outside (walk slowly)
Hey, look! I’m walking on the moon!
I take a step outside.

I see the earth from here, I see the earth from here (point far away
It looks just like a small blue ball
I see the earth from here.

I’m bouncing when I walk, I’m bouncing when I walk (jump as you walk)
Because the gravity is less
I’m bouncing when I walk.

I’m picking up some rocks, I’m picking up some rocks (pretend to pick up rocks)
To study when we’re back on earth
I’m picking up some rocks.

I’m going back inside, I’m going back inside (walk slowly and open door)
My moon walk is completed now
I’m going back inside.

I am an astronaut, I am an astronaut (point to yourself)
I got to walk upon the moon
I am an astronaut.



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