DIY Storytime: Leaves

Enjoy this DIY Storytime on LEAVES whenever your family wishes.


i am a leaf bookI Am A Leaf
• Written by Jean Marzollo
• Illustrated by Judith Moffatt
• Published by Cartwheel Books
• Presented by Bookworm Bonnie
Learn about the life cycle and functions of a leaf.
Teaching Mama has several activities to do with real leaves:


leaf troubleLeaf Trouble
• Written by Jonathan Emmett
• Illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church
• Published by Chicken House
• Presented by Toadstools and Fairydust
Two young squirrels wonder why the leaves are falling off of their favorite tree.
This fun activity from Thimble & Twig shows how to make Autumn Leaf People:

• Written and illustrated by David Ezra Stern
• Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons
• Presented by Skidiver123456
In his first autumn, a bear observes the leaves falling before he hibernates.
Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt and other STEM activities from EDventures with Kids:


How Many Leaves? by ELF Learning

Fall Song by Little Storybug (Miss Tracey)

Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Super Simple Songs


There They Go
(tune: London Bridge is Falling Down)

Leaves are turning all around, all around, all around,
Red and yellow, tan and brown
There they go-o.

Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down
Flutter, flutter to the ground
There they go-o.

Rake them up into a pile, to a pile, to a pile
Rake them up into a pile
There they go-o.

Run and jump into the pile, to the pile, to the pile
Run and jump into the pile
There you go-o!

Come Little Leaves
(tune: “Hush Little Baby”)

“Come little leaves,” said the wind one day (make beckoning motion with hand)
“Come out to the meadow so we can play. (make beckoning motion with hand)
Put up your colors of red and gold (put arms in the air like tree limbs)
Summer is gone and the days grow cold.” (hug yourself and shiver as if cold)

“Yes,” said the leaves, “Now Autumn’s here (nod head to say “yes”)
The days grow short and winter’s near (arms up high, then go down)
It’s time to let go of our trees (flutter hands to show leaves falling)
So children can play in the leaves.” (pretend to pick up leaves and toss them)

Autumn Leaves

Listen to the breeze (hold hand near ear)
Blowing in the trees
Leaves are in the air (wave hands all around)
Swirling everywhere.

Falling from the sky (raise hands and flutter fingers down)
See them going by
Drifting down the lane (roll hands around and around)
Through the wind and rain.

Orange, green and brown (point to those colors around the room)
See them flutter down
Tan and red and gold (point to those colors around the room)
Colors bright and bold.

Dancing all around (dance in a circle)
‘Till they touch the ground
Happy as they play (dance the other way)
On an autumn day.

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