DIY Storytime – The Animals Dress Up

Enjoy this DIY Storytime on the theme of “Animals Dress Up” whenever is convenient for your family.


book the hatThe Hat
• Written and illustrated by Jan Brett
• Published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons
• Presented by Bookworm Bonny
Hedgie gets stuck in a sock and tells the other animals that it is his new hat.
No Time for Flash Cards has some free printable activities to go along with this book.


book animals should definitely not wear clothingAnimals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing
• Written by Judi Barrett
• Illustrated by Ron Barrett
• Published by Atheneum
• Presented by Storytime with Heidi
Several reasons why it is not a good idea to animals to wear clothes.
Play Teach Repeat shows how kids can use play dough to dress up animal figures:

book naked mole rat gets dressedNaked Mole Rat Gets Dressed
• Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
• Published by Hyperion
• Presented by The Story Chair with Cris
Wilbur is different from the other naked mole rats. He likes to wear clothes.
Mo Willems has an entire event kit on his website for Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed:


Let’s Get Dressed Song by The Kiboomers

Down in the Jungle, Animals Washing Their Clothes by Vera Shattock London Mama


Did you know that January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day?
Here is a video of some dressed-up pets from Green Acres Animal Hospital:

Chewy Pet Central has A Guide to Dressing Up Your Pet:

by Martha Simpson

I’m Dressing Up My Pets
(tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

I’m dressing up my dog
I’m dressing up my dog
To make him look just like a frog
I’m dressing up my dog.

I’m dressing up my cat
I’m dressing up my cat
She looks so fancy in her hat
I’m dressing up my cat.

I’m dressing up my bunny
I’m dressing up my bunny
His jacket makes him look so funny
I’m dressing up my bunny.

I’m dressing up my goose
I’m dressing up my goose
But her pants are very loose
I’m dressing up my goose.

I’m dressing up my pig
I’m dressing up my pig
In ruffled collar and a wig
I’m dressing up my pig.

I’m dressing up my cow
I’m dressing up my cow
Her cape makes her a hero now
I’m dressing up my cow.

I’m dressing up my horse
I’m dressing up my horse
In cowboy shirt and boots, of course.
I’m dressing up my horse.

I’m dressing up my pets
I’m dressing up my pets
This is a day they won’t forget
I’m dressing up my pets.

10 Dressed-Up Animals

10 dressed-up animals, don’t they look so fine!
George Giraffe dropped his jacket, then there were nine.

Nine dressed-up animals waiting by the gate
Sasha Snake slid off her skirt, then there were eight.

Eight dressed-up animals staring at the heavens
Hilda hippo hurled her hat, then there were seven.

Seven dressed-up animals posing for their pix
Terry Tiger tore his trousers, then there were six.

Six dressed-up animals getting set to dive
Sam Seal’s swimsuit shook off, then there were five.

Five dressed-up animals just outside the door
Ben Bear’s boots broke, then there were four.

Four dressed-up animals climbing up a tree
Syd Squirrel’s socks slipped, then there were three.

Three dressed-up animals strolling through the zoo
Max Monkey mislaid his mittens, then there were two.

Two dressed-up animals still on the run
Lucy Lemur lost her leggings, then there was one.

One dressed-up animal alone is just no fun
Tom Toucan took off his tie, then there were none.

Fashion Parade

The Irish setter wears a sweater
The mouse shows off her blouse
The robin redbreast loves his vest
The hawk adores her smock
The kittens have clean mittens
The doves have brand-new gloves
The ape looks dapper in his cape
The shrew tries on a shoe
The newts love their rubber boots
The frogs dance in their clogs
The bats tip their black top hats
The cuckoo twirls her tutu
The ants prance in 8-legged pants
The bunnies wear cute undies
The pelican in his cardigan
And the horsefly in a bowtie.
The animals show of their clothes
As the parade goes by
The fashion show is a success
Which no one can deny.

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