Science Sunday – Ecology and National Parks

Ecology and Our National Parks

On this Science Sunday, we will learn all about the environment, ecology, and the National Parks of the United States!

hikerRead About It
Mr. Nussbaum United States National Parks:
National Park Service: Find a Park:
Kids & Youth: Yellowstone:
How Mountains Are Made:
DK Find Out: Mountains:
DK Find Out: Land Habitats:
Wildlife Encounters: Habitat:
Kids Do Ecology (in English):
Kids Do Ecology (in Spanish):

Watch, Listen & Learn
National Park Service – Welcome to Your National Parks:
Webcams from the National Parks:
Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Food Web clip:
Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Insects clip:
Video: Top 13 U.S. National Parks:
Video: The Kid Should See This: Redwoods:

Play & Learn
Geyser Eruption:
Vinegar Volcano:
Seed Germination:
Microscopic Creatures in Water:

Gamesutah national park
Food Chains:
Smithsonian Science Habitats Game:
National Zoo Migration Game:
PBS Kids Plum Landing:
PBS Kids Nature Games:

Fun Activities
National Park Service Junior Ranger Online activities:
Junior Ranger Books and Virtual Badges:
National Park Foundation Kids:
National Parks from National Geographic Kids:
How Does the EPA Protect the Environment Activity Book:
National Institute of Environmental Health Science: Jokes, mazes, puzzles, riddles, brainteasers, and more:
Yellowstone Park for Kids:
National Geographic Kids:

Coloring Sheets
Environmental Coloring Pages:
Environmental Theme Coloring Pages:
Crayola Environmental Coloring Sheets:

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